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Dan Siroker – Director of Analytics, Obama Presidential Campaign – Keynote Speaker at SoCon 10

written by Dr. Duru

FYI – Dan Siroker, Director of Analytics, Obama Presidential Campaign, will be a keynote speaker at SoCon 10, January 29-30, 2010.

SoCon is a conference on Social Media and Social Networking held in the Atlanta area every year since 2007. I attended in 2008, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in this space.

Here is how SoCon describes this year’s conference:

“In the first three years, we introduced social media, user-generated content, blogs, podcasts, video logs, social networking, wikis, Twitter… but nothing stands still. Find out what you have to know in 2010 to stay ahead of the learning curve. Find out who is doing great stuff; who has great, innovative ideas. Network and learn — and maybe even partner with — independent content producers, new media pros, academics and people from across the spectrum of marketing, public relations, legal, human resources, and executive ranks.”

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